God speaks 

God primarily speaks to his children through His word and through prayer. Use the resources below to learn more about the amazing ways God speaks to us in these areas, and grow in your relationship with Him!


How to DEVELOP in personal PRayer

So, you want to pray more but you don't know where to start, or what to say... 

What does God have to say about prayer?

Check out these reading plans to get into scripture and see for yourself. 

Have a plan

In this document you'll find a simple guide to develop a consistent pattern of prayer. 


Bible Reading Plans for Teens

Here are some resources to help you start exploring scripture!

What is the Bible all about?

Have you ever wondered what scripture is trying to say? Or maybe you've thought it's just a book of disjointed stories that don't relate to each other and aren't important in modern life.  Check The Bible Project out on youtube or download their resources for free at thebibleproject.com. Their site is one of the most fun and effective tools I've found to help understand the whole story of the Bible!